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New graduates: Tereza Zelenkova

July 23, 2012 – 5:10 pm By emilygraham

Installation view

Compelling new work from recent Royal College of Art graduate Tereza Zelenkova (who we previously featured after graduating from Westminster here), questioning the medium through a series of enigmatic images, drawing reference from art and literature. The work is presented as an incredibly well thought out installation, complete with objects from her personal collection. From her project statement:

“This work can be understood as a metaphor for the night as a time associated with both inspiration and imagination, but also melancholia, solitude and isolation. The darkness of the night, like the darkness inside a camera, is a space where images are conjured. Here I am not really interested in the images brought to us by dreams but rather by that point of insomniac vigilance when one can no longer recognize what’s a dream and what’s reality; when familiar objects start to take on shapes of something else, undergoing a sort of metamorphoses. In the world of hyper real digital imagery, I chose to look at the world with my eyes squinting in order to filter out the insignificant detail, allowing imagination to complete the image.”

We interviewed Tereza about her previous body of work Supreme Vice, you can read the interview here.

All images by Tereza Zelenkova

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